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A Natural Capital Approach to Landscape Planning: a Pilot Project in Colchagua Valley, Chile 2019

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This project, based in the Colchagua Valley of Chile, builds upon long-standing work undertaken by VCCB and partner vineyards since 2008, and draws upon the natural capital work that JNCC has undertaken with the UK Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic region.

The project combines industry knowledge with ecosystem sciences and looks to disentangle and quantify the interactions between land management, biotic and abiotic factors, and the effects on ecosystem services relevant to wine-producing businesses.

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Topic category Environment

Reference date 2019·09·12

Barbosa, O., Colson, D., Duran, P., Godoy, K., Jones, A., Jones, G., Harris, M., Harrison, S., Tierney, M., Trippier, B., Smith, M. & Wright, E. (2019) A Natural Capital Approach to Landscape Planning: a Pilot Project in Colchagua Valley, Chile. JNCC Report No. 634, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

Through the South Atlantic Research Outreach Programme, JNCC (UK) has collaborated with The Wine, Climate Change and Biodiversity Program (Programa Vino, Cambio Climático y Biodiversidad (VCCB)) which is a scientific initiative of the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity and the University Austral of Chile.

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Metadata date 2020·03·10

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