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Ocean Country Partnership Program: Maldives MPA awareness material 2023


The importance of MPAs and their role in protecting the marine environment of Maldives is not widely known amongst local communities. The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) is working with the Government of Maldives to develop communication materials to raise awareness of the role and benefits of MPAs.

As part of this work, the OCPP has produced the following resources:

  • Three infographics which explain what MPAs are, their roles, their benefits, and the different types of designation in Maldives. The infographics focus on: "What is an MPA", "MPAs in the Maldives" and "Grouper aggregations and MPAs".
  • Three sets of posters/banners (portrait and landscape orientation) aimed at raising awareness of MPAs and introducing their role.
  • Three videos showcasing the marine ecosystems of the Maldives, their importance for biodiversity and livelihood, the roles and benefits of MPAs, and examples of existing MPAs. These videos can be accessed via the JNCC OCPP Maldives webpage.

Provided here are the English language versions of the infographics and banners/posters in PDF format. Dhihevi versions and alternative file types (e.g. jpegs) are available on request (please contact

These resources may not be fully accessible for all users. If you need copies in a different or more accessible format, please contact

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Reference date 2023·03·01

These resources were produced as part of the OCPP, in collaboration with the Government of Maldives.

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