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JNCC-Cefas Partnership Report No. 41: Wight-Barfleur Reef Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Characterisation Report 2017 2022


This report explores data acquired from a survey of Wight-Barfleur Reef offshore Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in 2017, which will form part of the ongoing time series data and evidence for this Marine Protected Area (MPA). Wight-Barfleur Reef SAC is located in the central English Channel and is designated for Annex I Reef habitats, containing both the bedrock and stony reef forms.

Wight-Barfleur Reef SAC is situated in a moderate to high energy environment, with a tidal model showing weak to moderately strong tidal flows but known high shear stress at the seabed. The structure of the Annex I Reef within the SAC varies between exposed bedrock, stony reef formed of a mosaic of boulders, cobbles and shallow sand deposits, and coarse sediment, forming ridges and flat inclined planes. Annex I Reef was observed at all stations where imagery data were acquired. The mosaic nature of the reef with narrow bedrock ridges interspersed with cobble reef and sediments makes it difficult to map accurately using acoustic data.

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Reference date 2022·09·01

Downie, A., Arosio, R. & McBreen, F. 2022. Wight-Barfleur Reef Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Characterisation Report 2017. JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report No. 41. JNCC, Peterborough. ISSN 2051-6711, Crown Copyright.

This work was delivered by Cefas and JNCC on behalf of the Marine Protected Areas Survey Coordination & Evidence Delivery Group (MPAG) and sponsored by Defra.

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