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The Irish Sea Pilot: Report on the Collation and Mapping of Data 2004

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This report sets out the aims of the data and mapping element of the Irish Sea Pilot and the experience of acquiring data from partner organisations. It considers some of the key issues arising from this work and develops a series of Irish Sea Pilot recommendations for data collation and mapping. The report includes a catalogue of the spatial data sets acquired.

Strategic, ecosystem-based and sustainable planning and management of human activities in the marine environment is dependent on access to appropriate and adequate information and data. The Pilot collated geophysical, hydrographical, nature conservation, ecological and sectoral human-use data and used GIS analysis. While intertidal and near-coast biological information was found to be satisfactory, data were sparse for most offshore localities to a degree which would constrain good decision-making. Furthermore, some survey data were not available to the Pilot, either because they were held in an inappropriate format or because the data owner declined to release it.

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Topic category Oceans

Reference date 2004·04·01

Lumb, C., Webster, M., Golding, N., Atkins, S. & Vincent, M.A. 2004. The Irish Sea Pilot: Report on the Collation and Mapping of Data. JNCC Report No. 349, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

The purpose of the Irish Sea Pilot was to help develop a strategy for marine nature conservation that could be applied to all UK waters and, with international collaboration, the adjacent waters of the North-East Atlantic.

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