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CEND0118 and CEND0218 Survey Report: Swallow Sand Marine Conservation Zone 2020


In 2018, Cefas and JNCC surveyed the Swallow Sand Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), to collect a benthic dataset that would form the first monitoring event in a ‘Before-After-Control-Impact’ (BACI) study, to allow for the future evaluation of the effectiveness of proposed fisheries management measures at the site. Swallow Sand MCZ is an expansive site located approximately 100 km offshore from the Northumberland coast, in the mid North Sea.

The operations conducted at the Swallow Sand MCZ were planned to span two sequential expeditions on the RV Cefas Endeavour; expedition codes CEND0118 and CEND0218. Expedition CEND0118 was carried out between 7–10 January 2018, and expedition CEND0218 was carried out between 14–29 January 2018. Expedition CEND0218 was only partly concerned with acquiring information from the Swallow Sand MCZ, with most of the survey time dedicated to an integrated survey of the Norfolk Bank region. Rationale and survey objectives are reported separately for this aspect of CEND0218 and are outside the scope of the work presented here.

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Reference date 2020·07·08

McIlwaine, P., Archer-Rand, S. & Pettafor, A. 2020. CEND0118 and CEND0218 Survey Report: Swallow Sand Marine Conservation Zone. JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report No. 33, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 2051-6711.

Two sequential expeditions were undertaken in 2018 to obtain information on the Swallow Sand MCZ: CEND0118 and CEND0218.

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