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Karst and Caves of Great Britain (Geological Conservation Review Series No. 12) 1997

Corporate JNCC Publications 0 41278 860 8 Earth Science Geological Conservation Review Geomorphology


Volume 12 of the Geological Conservation Review series, Karst and Caves of Great Britain, provides information on the diverse range of karst landscapes and cave systems in Great Britain, and describes nearly 100 GCR sites which show important features.

Areas of limestone outcrop are widely distributed throughout England and Wales and this is reflected in their rich diversity of karst landscapes and cave systems. Indeed, some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Britain are karstic, and have provided geomorphologists with classic areas of study.

As well as a general description of the nature and origin of karsts and caves, this volume contains descriptions of almost one hundred Sites of Special Scientific Interest from the internationally renowned glaciokarst of the Yorkshire Dales, the Northern Pennines, Peak District, Mendips, Wales and other areas.

The contents of the volume include:

  • Prelims – including an introduction to the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) and the list of sites discussed in the volume.
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – The Yorkshire Dales karst
  • Chapter 3 – Outlying karst areas of the northern Pennines
  • Chapter 4 – The Peak District karst
  • Chapter 5 – The Mendip Hills karst
  • Chapter 6 – Karst in Wales
  • Chapter 7 – Outlying karst areas in England
  • Chapter 8 – Karst in Scotland
  • References, Glossary, Site locations and Index

Please note: this volume has been produced from a scan of an original document. You may therefore experience fluctuations in quality.

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Waltham, A.C., Simms, M.J., Farrant, A.R. and Goldie, H.S. 1997. Karst and Caves of Great Britain. Geological Conservation Review Series No. 12, JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 0 412 78860 8.

Volume 12 of the Geological Conservation Review series.

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