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Copernicus User Uptake (CUU): Highlighting the potential opportunities of Earth Observation data and methodologies in operational processes – Impact Statements 2021


Provided here are a series of impact statements created through an Earth observation scoping exercise undertaken as part of the Copernicus User Uptake project. The aim of this work was to highlight the potential applications of Earth observation data and methodologies in operational processes across multiple environmental policy areas.

The following impact statements were produced for the Welsh Government, and include examples of relevance to Wales:

  • Earth Observation (EO) for Bare Soil
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Change Detection
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Modelling
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Forestry, Woodland, Hedgerows and Trees
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Land cover and Habitat Mapping
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Marine
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Regulation and Compliance
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Visual Applications and Engagement
  • Earth Observation (EO) for Agriculture: Mapping Crops

Reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by JNCC or Welsh Government. Other products may be available

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Reference date 2021·06·01

These resources were produced through JNCC's 'Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement for Copernicus User Uptake' project, which aims to increase UK downstream environmental Copernicus applications through upskilling and cross-border collaboration.

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