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An assessment of the value of natural capital in the protective service against coastal and inland flooding in the UK Overseas Territory of the British Virgin Islands 2019

Freshwater Marine Terrestrial Overseas Territories Flood Natural capital Value British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands (BVI), like many of the UK Caribbean Overseas Territories, are highly dependent on the natural environment for its economic and social well-being. Because of the recognition of the role of the natural environment can play, the Government of BVI (GoBVI) is looking to incorporate socio-economic values of natural resources into its policy and decision making. In particular, there is an objective of better incorporating the natural environment in fiscal planning through instruments such as the Medium-Term Fiscal Plan and budget, and the proposed Environment Bill.

To support these objectives, the primary purpose of this study is to assess the value of natural capital which mitigates the impacts of extreme weather on built infrastructure. Specifically, this relates to the provision of protection from coastal and inland flooding resulting from extreme weather events.

The natural capital estimates in this study reflect only one function – protection from flooding – provided by specific natural features in the BVI such as coral reefs. These same natural features contribute to the provision of other ecosystem services.

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