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Integrated Reporting and Natural Capital Accounting 2016



The project was mainly concerned with the management of Natural Capital in the UK, but has also drawn on expertise and evidence from other countries where it has been deemed relevant to UK operations. The project also aimed to show the motivation of businesses for taking up Integrated Reporting (IR), and the Natural Captial (NC) data needed to support the emergent IR practices, so as to assist future JNCC planning for the provision of evidence suitable for a range of uses and applications. IR and NCA are two emerging fields of practice developed to help businesses become more sustainable.

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Topic category Environment

Reference date 2016·05·01

Dickie, I., Royle, D. & Anderson, S., (2016), Integrated Reporting and Natural Capital Accounting, JNCC Report No. 587, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report was commissioned to help JNCC better understand the ongoing development of Integrated Reporting, with a particular focus on where it can improve the accounting for, and management of, Natural Capital by business.

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Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC publisher

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Metadata date 2019·08·01

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