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Implementation of the CFP – an evaluation of progress made since 2002 2008

Marine JNCC Publications 0963-8091 European Evidence JNCC report series Marine Monitoring 428 Fisheries Policy


The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) provides the framework for fisheries management in the EC. Member States can only act to conserve fish stocks if they are given express powers to do so under the CFP. Securing sustainable fisheries at national or local level in any of the Member States therefore depends on getting the regulatory policy framework right, as well as ensuring its correct implementation on the ground or at sea.

The Common Fisheries Policy underwent a major review in both 1992 and 2002. The next official review will be held in 2012. The 2002 review was more comprehensive than legally required and a number of substantive changes were made to Regulation 3760/92 to address concerns in 2002. This resulted in the writing of Regulation 2371/2002 which incorporates more progressive elements including the requirements to adopt the precautionary and the ecosystem approach in an attempt to modernise the CFP and respond to demands for a more environmentally focused fisheries policy. A detailed comparison of these two regulations is provided in section 3.1 of this report.

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Lutchman, I., van den Bossche, K. & Zino, F. 2008. Implementation of the CFP – an evaluation of progress made since 2002. JNCC Report No. 428, JNCC, Peterborough.

This report provides an evaluation of the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy since 2002.

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