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Estuarine Waterbirds at Low Tide: the WeBS Low Tide Counts 1992/93 to 1998/99 2003


Estuarine Waterbirds at Low Tide is a summary of the results achieved from the first seven winters of the WeBS Low Tide Counts (1992-93 to 1998-99). The book first sets out the methods used to carry out the scheme. It then summarises the results of the counts, first on a site-by-site basis and then species-by-species. Issues of data interpretation are then addressed, along with the potential uses of the data. It is hoped that the book will be of interest and of use to those people involved in the conservation of estuarine wildlife, to those counters involved in estuarine bird monitoring and all naturalists who appreciate the value of estuaries, one of the UK's greatest natural resources

Low Tide counts were made at 62 different UK estuaries over the period 1992-93 to 1998-99 during the two-hour period either side of low tide once per month from November to February. The results for each of the estuaries are presented as a series of maps showing the distribution and densities of selected important species. In addition, maps of the count sections and of the overlap between counted areas and site designation boundaries (for example, Special Protection Areas) are included. For each waterbird species recorded during low tide counts, information from across all estuaries is summarised.

Please note that this resource has been produced from a scan of an original document. You may therefore experience fluctuations in quality.

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Musgrove, A.J., Langston, R.H.W., Baker, H. & Ward, R.M. 2003. Estuarine Waterbirds at Low Tide: The WeBS Low Tide Counts 1992-93 to 1998-99, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 1354-9944.

The production of this report was driven forward by the 'Low Tide Count Atlas Steering Group'.

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