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The Distribution of Important Ash in Great Britain 2012

Terrestrial UK Biodiversity


The purpose of this document is to provide evidence on areas of important ash to help inform the response to Chalara. 'Important ash' is defined as where ash is a significant and hard to replace or re-create semi-natural feature with a strong role in ecosystem functioning.

The evidence derived and presented here was used inform the initial DEFRA Interim Chalara Control Plan. The picture of the total resource of ash in woodlands above 0.5 hectares is available from an analysis by the Forestry Commission of the National Forest Inventory in 2011.

The picture of the total resource of ash in small habitat patches <0.5 ha and also trees outside woodland as individual trees or in hedgerows and woody linear features, is available from an analysis by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology of the Countryside Survey (See 'Distribution of Ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) in Countryside Survey data'.

The document supports the geographic data that was published by JNCC, available from The National Archives website. It also provides advice on how the approach can be refined to help identify areas of important ash at more local scales.

Accompanying the document are a series of appendices which describe the data used in the assessment

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This document sets out how the location of important ash can be determined from available datasets across Great Britain

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