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CEND0119 Survey Report: Offshore Overfalls MCZ and Offshore Brighton MCZ 2020

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The following report details the activities undertaken on survey CEND0119, of Offshore Overfalls and Offshore Brighton Marine Conservation Zones, undertaken in January 2019. Samples were collected at both sites, which will be analysed in line with the survey objectives. The results of these analyses will be presented in separate monitoring reports for each site.

The aim of the survey was to acquire a robust initial sentinel monitoring dataset, to contribute to the development of a monitoring time series for Offshore Overfalls and Offshore Brighton, against which the rate and direction of change in the condition of the MPA features can be inferred in the long term. This dataset will also help to assess the effectiveness of management measures that may be implemented. Data from this survey will form part of a monitoring time series, and future repeated monitoring and evidence gathering will be required to fully investigate and understand the long-term variability in any parameters measured.

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Topic category Oceans

Reference date 2020·08·06

Wood, D., Albrecht, J., Hawes, J. & Sperry, J. 2020. CEND0119 Survey Report: Offshore Overfalls MCZ and Offshore Brighton MCZ. JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report No. 35, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 2051-6711.

Cefas and JNCC undertook a survey of the Offshore Overfalls and Offshore Brighton Marine Conservation Zones between 3 and 25 January 2019 (CEND0119).

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Metadata date 2020·08·06

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