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MPA Fisheries Management Toolkit 2020


The aim of this toolkit is to provide a resource for those involved in, and affected by, fisheries management decision-making, laying out the key elements to consider in establishing a participatory approach to implementing management in MPAs. The toolkit is designed as a guide to help regulators assess the suitability of establishing a participatory approach, including governance structure, stakeholder balance, management objectives, cost and logistics.

The Toolkit is provided as a combined PDF which includes colour-coded chapters (components) summarised at the start of each section to provide key information at a glance. The summary posters have also been provided separately for ease of reference.

Resource type Publication

Topic category Oceans

Reference date 2020·03·01

MPA Fisheries Management Toolkit, 2020. Developing a participatory approach to managing fishing activity in UK offshore Marine Protected Areas. JNCC, Natural England, National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation, Marine Management Organisation. Available at:

The MPA Fisheries Management Toolkit was produced as part of the EMFF-funded project 'Developing a participatory approach to the management of fishing activity in UK offshore Marine Protected Areas'

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Metadata date 2020·04·28

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