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UK Habitats Directive Surveillance Approach 2009


####Summary This document was produced as part of JNCC’s 2009 UK Terrestrial Biodiversity Surveillance Strategy. Whilst the strategy has now been superseded, and some of this document is out of date (eg references to EC Habitats Directive roles and requirements), this document may still be useful to refer to.

In 2009, JNCC and the country conservation agencies worked together to agree principles for deciding on the level of surveillance needed to meet the requirements of the EC Habitats Directive.

This document outlines the Directive requirements, roles and responsibilities, links to other requirements, and summarises how the country agencies have assessed surveillance needs and put plans in place to meet them. It includes a list of 10 criteria agreed between JNCC and the country agencies to help decide on the surveillance needed.

The document also summarises the preferred approach at the time of writing for surveillance of the different species and habitats on the Directive in the UK.

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Report output supporting JNCC's UK Terrestrial Biodiversity Surveillance Strategy

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