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Case studies on the natural capital approach in marine decision making: The development of fisheries management byelaws 2021

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Conceptually, there is the potential to apply the natural capital approach in many areas of marine decision making. However, documented real-world applications that demonstrate successful use of the approach are lacking. This document presents three short case studies from fisheries and marine protected area management, in- and off-shore, which show that the natural capital approach is beginning to be used to support specific management strategies.

More generally, agencies have embraced the concepts the approach encapsulates (particularly ecosystem services and valuation), and have used them for communicating the need for, and aims and objectives of, management measures. Asset registers (based on the approach developed in the Defra Marine Pioneer) were used for both examples of inshore fishery byelaws, but there is little wider evidence of the systematic use of specific natural capital tools or methods. Further engagement and consultation across the spectrum of decision makers is required to discover the range of perspectives on the approach and to determine how it can be used to meet policy and management needs.

Evaluation of early natural capital assessment methods is needed in order to develop best practice. Approved definitions, methodologies and guidance in the marine policy context would further support implementation of the approach.

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Reference date 2021·06·01

Hooper, T. 2021. Case studies on the natural capital approach in marine decision making: The development of fisheries management byelaws. JNCC Report No. 685 (Research & Review Report), JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report presents three case studies which explore the use of the natural capital approach in marine management decision making.

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