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Guidelines for selection of Earth Science SSSIs 1977

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The aim of the Geological Conservation Review was to identify the best, most representative, Earth science sites in Great Britain, with a view to their long-term conservation.


Guidelines for Selection of Earth Science SSSIs - Introduction, Rationale and Criteria

The Geological Conservation Review (GCR) programme of work began in 1977 under the auspices of the former Nature Conservancy Council. After re-evaluation, nearly all of the pre-1977 Earth science SSSIs were confirmed as retaining their national importance, and were therefore selected as GCR sites, and additional localities also deemed to be of national importance to the study of Earth sciences were identified, creating the comprehensive GCR site 'register'.

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JNCC, (1977), Guidelines for selection of Earth Science SSSIs, JNCC, Peterborough.

Before the GCR, there were already Sites of Special Scientific Interest designated under existing legislation for their geological and geomorphological features, but the Review was a ‘from scratch’ assessment exercise.

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