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Biodiversity and Climate Change – a Summary of Impacts in the UK 2010



This brief synopsis presents evidence of a wide range of observed climate change impacts on UK biodiversity, and the potential for further climatic changes in future. The potential scale of climatic change within the UKCP09 projections suggests that future impacts are likely to be far greater than those seen so far. This makes the continued monitoring of climate change impacts, through initiatives such as the Environmental Change Network, UK Phenology Network and Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey, that have contributed to this synopsis, all the more important.

In addition, further systematic analysis and communication of the impacts of climate change through projects such as BICCONet, that utilise existing biodiversity data, should be a priority. Understanding the extent and nature of impacts on biodiversity is an important prerequisite to developing a truly adaptive approach to nature conservation under a changing climate.

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Reference date 2010··

IACCF (2010) Biodiversity and Climate Change in the UK. (Eds. Procter, D.A., Baxter, J.M., Crick, H.P.Q., Mortimer, D., Mulholland, F., Walmsley, C.A.). JNCC, Peterborough.

The Inter-agency Climate Change Forum (IACCF) of the UK statutory nature conservation agencies comprised the Countryside Council for Wales, Natural England, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, JNCC and Scottish Natural Heritage.

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