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Project Information Report – Building Data Gateway for Caribbean OT of Montserrat 2019


Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund, Project Information Final Report

In 2018, JNCC initiated the 'Building a Data Gateway for Montserrat' project. The project was designed to increase data management capacity within the Government of Montserrat (GoM) Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Land, Housing and Environment (MATLHE) GIS Unit and to ensure environmental spatial data becomes accessible, managed and secured in an appropriate manner.

The Data Gateway builds upon the existing Metadata Catalogue, to create a web-based mapping system for the display of spatial data, hosted on Government of Montserrat IT infrastructure, and develop a website and interface in the existing GIS unit (WebGIS). The building of the Data Gateway was supported by a tailored training programme in the use and application of the Data Gateway and wider GIS analytical training.

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Reference date 2019·05·01

Project information final report for the 'Building a Data Gateway for Montserrat' project, funded by the Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund.

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Metadata date 2021·01·19

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