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Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain (Geological Conservation Review Series No. 17) 1999


Volume 17 of the Geological Conservation Review series, Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain, describes the igneous rocks of Great Britain that were erupted, intruded or emplaced tectonically, as a direct result of the Caledonian Orogeny, between 500 and 390 million years ago.

The detailed site descriptions illustrate the widespread and varied nature of the igneous activity and highlight critical localities of historical and continuing international importance. The descriptions are linked by chapter introductions that provide more complete discussions of the various suites in their full geological context and the magmatism is related to the overall tectonic history of the orogeny in an introductory chapter. The volume constitutes a comprehensive summary of a major province that has increased worldwide understanding of igneous rocks and their origin since the earliest days of geological investigations.

The contents of the volume include:

  • Prelims – including an introduction to the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) and the list of sites discussed in the volume.
  • Chapter 1 – Caledonian igneous rocks of Great Britain: an introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Early Ordovician volcanic rocks and associated opholitic assemblages of Scotland
  • Chapter 3 – Mid-Ordovician intrusions of the North-east Grampian Highlands of Scotland
  • Chapter 4 – Lake District and northern England
  • Chapter 5 – Central England
  • Chapter 6 – Wales and adjacent areas
  • Chapter 7 – Late Ordovician to mid-Silurian alkaline intrusions of the North-west Highlands of Scotland
  • Chapter 8 – Late Silurian and Devonian granitic intrusions of Scotland
  • Chapter 9 – Late Silurian and Devonian volcanic rocks of Scotland
  • References, Glossary and Index

Please note: this volume has been produced from a scan of an original document. You may therefore experience fluctuations in quality.

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Stephenson, D., Bevins, R.E., Millward, D., Highton, A.J., Parsons, I., Stone, P. & Wadsworth, W.J. 1999. Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain. Geological Conservation Review Series No. 17, JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 1 86107 471 9.

Volume 17 of the Geological Conservation Review Series.

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