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Possible Behavioural, Energetic and Demographic Effects of Displacement of Red-throated Divers (Revised December 2017) 2017

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This report comprises the main points of discussion and agreement during a workshop, held in Edinburgh in May 2017, to discuss how displacement might affect individuals and the Red-throated diver population; with additional information added by the scientists following the workshop.


Red-throated divers (Gavia stellata) use marine areas in the North Sea, Irish Sea and Baltic Sea during the non-breeding season. They are known to be displaced by various marine industry activities, including construction and operation of offshore wind farms. However, the consequences of displacement for individuals and consequently on the population as a whole are unknown.

On 2nd May 2017, seven scientists with particular expertise in red-throated diver ecology and/or the energetic and demographic consequences of displacement for marine birds were invited to a workshop. Using their expertise and knowledge of divers and other marine birds, plus fundamental ecological principles, some generalisations about how red-throated divers might be affected by displacement were sought.

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Reference date 2017·06·01

Dierschke, V., Furness, R.W., Gray, C.E., Petersen, I.K., Schmutz, J., Zydelis, R. & Daunt, F. 2017. Possible Behavioural, Energetic and Demographic Effects of Displacement of Red-throated Divers (Revised December 2017). JNCC Report No. 605. JNCC, Peterborough. ISSN 0963-8091.

This workshop did not aim to discuss exactly what causes displacement in detail but rather to take that as a given and consider what the consequences of displacement might be on this species.

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