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Protected large scale features in offshore MPAs - WMS layer 2019


This Web Map Service layer shows polygon data for protected Large Scale Features (LSFs) of functional significance in offshore MPAs in Scottish waters. The data have been extracted from v5.18 of the Geodatabase of Marine features adjacent to Scotland (GeMS).

Resource type Service

Topic category Environment

Reference date 2019·08·20

2019/08/20 - Layer uploaded

Responsible organisation
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC pointOfContact

Limitations on public access No limitations

Use constraints These data have been collated by Scottish Natural Heritage and Joint Nature Conservation Committee. Individual record ownership varies, and is attributed in the 'Record copyright' information on the MPA mapper. Details of re-use limitations are given in the 'use limitations' information. Where no re-use information is available further information should be sought from the data owner.

Metadata date 2020·12·18

Metadata point of contact
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC

Spatial extent
North 62.918422
South 56.074991
East 0.961551
West -10.937914
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