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MPA Legislation, management roles & responsibilities and MPA Management Acronym buster for EMFF project 2019

Marine Human Activities Protected Areas


As part of the EMFF funded project in Developing a participatory approach to the management of fishing activity in UK offshore Marine Protected Areas these resources are available as training materials. MPA Legislation outlines a poster summary of the legislation supporting MPAs and who is responsible for their management in English waters. MPA management Roles and Responsibilities is a poster summarising who is who in managing fisheries in English waters and the conservation advisors. The MPA Management Acronym Buster is to help facilitate a common language and understanding in the project and will be updated on a regular basis.

Resource type Publication

Topic category Oceans

Reference date 2019··

Existing information summarised in the form of posters and dictionary

Responsible organisation
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC distributor

Limitations on public access none

Use constraints OGA

Metadata date 2019·07·29

Metadata point of contact
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC

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