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GCR block descriptions: Igneous and Mineralogy 1997


Provided here are the Igneous and Mineralogy GCR block descriptions, produced as part of the Geological Conservation Review. These ‘blocks’ provided an overall structure for site selection by ensuring that the different themes of geoheritage or Earth science would receive comparable treatment.

Major episodes of igneous activity form the basis of six igneous Geological Conservation Review blocks, and these are linked to mountain building (e.g. South-west England Igneous), and the opening of oceans (e.g. Tertiary Igneous). The mineralogy blocks address the minerals produced as the result of igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary processes.

The Igneous and Mineralogy GCR blocks include the following:

  • Block 12: Caledonian igneous (CAL-IGN);
  • Block 11: Carboniferous - Permian Igneous (C-P-IG);
  • Block 37: Igneous Rocks of South-west England (IGN-SW-E);
  • Block 57: Mineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & Shropshire (MIN-PD-L-C-S);
  • Block 53: Mineralogy of Scotland (MIN-SC);
  • Block 54: Mineralogy of South West England (MIN-SW-ENG);
  • Block 50: Mineralogy of the Lake District (MIN-LAKE);
  • Block 51: Mineralogy of the Mendips (MIN-MEN);
  • Block 52: Mineralogy of the Pennines (MIN-PEN);
  • Block 55: Mineralogy of Wales (MIN-WL);
  • Block 62: Old Red Sandstone Igneous (Silurian and Devonian Volcanic Rocks) (ORS-IGN);
  • Block 61: Ordovician Igneous Rocks (ORD-IGN);
  • Block 94: Tertiary Igneous (TER-IGN).

Please note that, rather than individual block descriptions, a general introduction to the mineralogy GCR blocks is provided, which covers the following blocks: Mineralogy of Wales (Block 55), Mineralogy of the Pennines (Block 52), Mineralogy of the Mendips (Block 51), Mineralogy of the Lake District (Block 50), Mineralogy of South West England (Block 54), Mineralogy of Scotland (Block 53), and Mineralogy of Peak District, Leicestershire, Cheshire & Shropshire (Block 57).

GCR block descriptions are based largely on existing GCR publications, where available. More detailed information about the topics covered in each block can be found in the relevant GCR volume.

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GCR block descriptions for the Igneous and Mineralogy category, produced through the Geological Conservation Review.

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