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Seabird numbers and breeding success in Britain and Ireland (1991 to 2006) 2008

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Since 1989, an annual report, summarising breeding numbers and breeding success at seabird colonies, has been produced through the Seabird Monitoring Programme. The annual reports between 1991 and 2006, were produced as publications, and are available to download (most recent (2006) first). Note a downloadable version of the report for the year 1998 is not available.

One aim of the annual report was to draw attention to notable changes in seabird numbers or breeding performance, which may merit direct conservation action or further research. It was also intended to provide feedback and encouragement for future work, to the many individuals and organisations contributing data, by placing results for individual colonies or regions in a wider context.

Subsequent to 2006, the reports were produced as an online publication. Additional information, including links to the online publications, and the most recent results, is available on the SMP report webpage.

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Provided here are the annual reports produced through the Seabird Monitoring Programme between 1991 and 2006.

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