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Papers for the Joint Committee Meeting held on Thursday 20 September 2018 in York 2018

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These papers were presented at the one hundred and sixteenth meeting of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee held at 08.45 on 20 September 2018 at DoubleTree by Hilton, St Maurice's Road, York, YO31 7JA.

Topics covered included corporate communications, business strategy and science audit proposal.

  • JNCC 18 A03 Agenda

  • JNCC 18 31 Unconfirmed minutes of the June 2018 meeting

  • JNCC 18 32 Matters arising

  • JNCC 18 33 Chief Executive's report on topical issues (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 34 Report from Chief Scientists Group (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 35 External factors affecting JNCC (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 36 Update on JNCC's EU exit activities (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 37 Quarter 1 performance report 2018/19 (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 38 Updated financial delegations (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 39 Corporate communications strategy (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 40 Progress towards a business development strategy for JNCC (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 41 Business planning and spending review (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 42 Science review: findings of the Defra review and proposals for a JNCC science audit/review (Official-sensitive)

  • JNCC 18 43 Joint Committee forward programme

Please note that official-sensitive papers are not available for download.

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