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PDF JNCC Report No. 495, Phase 2: General surface rules flowchart - General surface rules flowchart 2014 196.2 KB

Urban (Buildings and roads) MasterMap Water General Surface Natural Environment(rivers and water bodies) Natural environment flow chart Dune grassland Dune heath Med productivity Low-med productivity ...

Making Earth Observation Work for UK Biodiversity Conservation – Phase 2 2014

Earth observation (EO) is identified within all the conservation bodies and Defra as an important development area for monitoring habitats of high conservation value. This report describes the outcome...

Saxicolous lichen and bryophyte communities in upland Britain 2009

Phytosociological data were collected to describe the terrestrial lichen and bryophyte vegetation of rock or saxicolous habitats within 14 Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) within upland Britain, wi...

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