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Proposal for a Terrestrial Biodiversity Surveillance and Monitoring Strategy 2009

Terrestrial UK Biodiversity Monitoring Surveillance and Monitoring UK Biodiversity Ecosystem Monitoring


####Summary This document was produced as part of JNCC’s 2009 UK Terrestrial Biodiversity Surveillance Strategy. Whilst the strategy has now been superseded, this document may still be useful to refer to.

The Surveillance Strategy was developed by JNCC to help the funders of surveillance to ensure that there is sufficient surveillance in place to meet three objectives (Objective 1: To measure status and trends of a framework of habitats, species, and their ecosystem functions; Objective 2: To detect the impacts of pressures affecting biodiversity; Objective 3: To assess the status of species and habitats covered by legislation and policy) and to help all who plan surveillance activities or use results from surveillance schemes.

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Report output describing JNCC's UK Terrestrial Biodiversity Surveillance Strategy

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