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UK BAP List of UK Priority Species 2007


The list of UK BAP priority species was originally created between 1995 and 1999, and subsequently updated in response to the Report on the Species and Habitat Review in 2007.

Available here are the lists of species split into the following groups:

  • birds
  • terrestrial mammals
  • herptiles
  • fungi (including lichen)
  • non-vascular plants
  • vascular plants
  • terrestrial invertebrates
  • marine only species
  • fish

Details provided include: scientific name, common name, details of species' occurrences in the four UK countries, and also information on whether the species was an 'original' species (on the original list created between 1995 and 1999), or was added following the 2007 review. All original species were provided with Species Action Plans (SAPs), species statements, or are included within grouped plans or statements, whereas there are no published plans for the species added in 2007.

The full list of priority species, along with the list of priority habitats, is also available in the Report on the Species and Habitat Review (2007) and accompanying spreadsheet.

Priority species accounts: In 2010, JNCC collated information, from a variety of sources, for all of the 1,150 species included on the UK BAP priority species list. For each species, a 'species account' was created from these collations. The aim of the collation was to bring together all of the data available about each species into a single report. These priority species accounts are not being migrated to JNCC's new website, but the information is still available through The National Archives.

For more information on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, visit the UK BAP webpage.

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The list of UK BAP priority species was produced between 1995 and 1999, and updated in 2007, in response to the UK BAP Report on the Species and Habitat Review

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