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Dolphin Head HPMA – Conservation Advice 2023


The documents here form JNCC’s formal conservation advice for the Dolphin Head HPMA and should be read in conjunction with the HPMA High-level Conservation Advice for Public Authorities on Highly Protected Marine Areas. This advice reflects the most up-to-date evidence held by JNCC (correct as of July 2023), and consists of:

  • Conservation Advice document – provides ecological information about the HPMA, the conservation objective, a description of the protected marine ecosystem feature and JNCCs view of its condition, the conservation benefits of affording the HPMA appropriate protection and advice on which activities occurring should be avoided because they are likely to hinder the site’s conservation objective or may not hinder it if they’re occurring at non-damaging levels.
  • Advice on Operations workbook – provides information on those human activities that are known to occur or could feasibly occur and are considered capable of impacting the protected feature of the HPMA. These activities are grouped into those which are likely to hinder the site’s conservation objective and those which may not hinder the site conservation objective if carried out at non-damaging levels; and
  • Advice on Operations Guidance – explains the contents of the Advice of Operations workbook and how they can be considered when assessing the impacts on the site from human activities.

Further information on the approach used to develop this advice is available in the HPMA High-level Conservation Advice developed jointly by JNCC and Natural England.

The Dolphin Head HPMA Site Information Centre is the most up-to-date source of information for this site.

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JNCC's formal conservation advice for Dolphin Head HPMA.

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